What happens if partners can’t compromise

What happens if you or your partner don’t compromise?
Well, let me tell you a story from my book!
My husband and I had different ideas for putting up Christmas lights. I wanted white lights everywhere with a traditional theme of greenery and wreaths. My husband wanted colored lights everywhere, more whimsical. I asked if he would let me do lights one year my way and his lights, his way, the next year. He didn’t like my way so now he does it his way, by himself, every year.
I’m ok with that since we live in Buffalo and it gets cold around November. We use to freeze together when we did the lights. Since he didn’t want to compromise, I don’t have to help anymore. I get to stay warm and watch him out the front window…yeah! He is also responsible for taking down the lights after the holidays as well. I can live with his way because at least we have lights and he is slowly exchanging some colored lights for white:)
The lesson here is….compromise or be prepared for the results! You also can’t complain because you are the one that wanted things done your way! BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR and ask yourself, how important is it really!


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