Do couples play mind games?

In my book I have a chapter dedicated to “games people play in relationships” Like or Share if this sounds familiar to you

I have a friend, married a long time, and I asked her what she got for Christmas. She said, “nothing” in a very disgusted, aggravated tone. When I asked her why her husband didn’t get her anything (he is usually very generous) she said, “I told him I didn’t want anything” . She was mad that he didn’t remember all the things she talked about wanting throughout the year. She felt he should know her well enough to know that when she says she doesn’t want anything, that means, “surprise me”, or “I mentioned 6 months ago what I wanted”. She was angry, he was upset that she was angry and felt humiliated.
Is that really how you want your partner to feel?
This is a manipulative and dishonest game! Don’t make your partner guess what you want, man or woman, tell them! My book goes deeper into this game with ideas that are fun but easy to win. Everything in your relationship should be a WIN-WIN for both of you!


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