compatability survey…try it, it’s fun

This survey is from my book. It won’t be the full survey because that’s 30 questions with explanations attached. This will be 10 questions to get you started. If you have been in a relationship for a few years then you answer according to what YOU believe about him/her and vice versa. If you are in a relatively new relationship, answer each question for yourself. When you have answered all the questions, go back and read the questions aloud and tell your partner how you answered and see if you both agree. It opens up dialog and allows you to learn more about your partner or realize that you have a good start on knowing your partner.
The main point is to have fun!
1. Do you consider yourself a patient person? (guage on how quickly you get upset driving or watching sports)

2)Have you lived on your own prior to this relationship? This is helpful because both partners will appreciate the difficulty in cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and all the other daily boring work!

3)Do you consider yourself an honest person? Now, be honest here, if you tweek your answer, then you already answered your own question:)

4) Do you consider yourself highly emotional (cry during chick flicks) moderately emotional (are moved by touching stories but don’t cry) or reserved emotionally (Crying is for babies)?

5)If you can’t have both (and sometimes you can’t) would you rather be happy or right? Remember you can’t have both! Can you surrender your point to maintain peace or will you keep going until you are both upset?

6)Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Optimists can take an event and realize it’s just a setback and will find another way to achieve their goal, a pessimist will take a setback and not try again.

7) Are you an extrovert or an introvert? ie. extroverts will make friends at parties and engage strangers, introverts will stay with their friends and tend not to engage strangers

8)How important is money to you on a scale from 1-5, other than enough to pay bills and maybe a vacation?

9)Do you have a good sense of humor? What type of “humor” do you have: sarcastic(mean humor), self deprecating (you can laugh at your own mistakes) or hyper(where you always have to be joking)

10)Finish this saying, when the going gets tough I
a)get going and fight for the goal
b)stay cool and work through it
c)give up and walk away
These questions are a start to understanding who you and your partner are. There are 20 more in my book “What to do before you say I Do”
I hope you discuss your answers with your partner or friends to see how well you know yourself!
Most important however, HAVE FUN!
Thanks for stopping by…your friendly blogger Susan Ziggy


2 thoughts on “compatability survey…try it, it’s fun

    • I couldn’t agree more. Life, I have learned through my recent lifestyle change (long story that’s in the book) that what’s most important in life is enjoying what you have and acceptance of flaws that everyone has and enjoying people for who they are.

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