Why my book is titled wrong….ooops!

I have been talking to a few hundred people lately…yep, I’ve been busy, ok, not really, it only took a day, that’s how much I love to talk:) but they say they don’t need to read this because they are already married. I say, oops on me!
I came up with this title because as most of you know it is always easier to cure an illness if you catch it early, train a puppy vs. a dog and change unwanted behaviors in children than adults….am I right or am I right….I guess I’m right since no one has argued my point

So I would love to take a moment, as a rookie who realizes mistakes after publication rather than during, (those dam publishers gave me too much freedom!) to say, YOU CAN TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS (my husband is a dog trainer so I know:). This book has helped people who have been married over 20 years learn something from the book that has improved their marriage, according to friends and reviews. As I was writing my own book I re-learned things I already knew but had long since forgotten. For example….
1.never underestimate the power of please and thank you in a relationship.
2. always remember the days that made you happy and your partner has to accept your quirks as much as you have to accept theirs.
3. Be honest and kind to your partner when they have upset you! Anger and frustration only breeds more anger and frustration.
4. If you want something, ask for it, don’t expect your significant other to guess!
5. Keep technology on the information highway, not the bedroom highway, that highway can get crowded then the congestion leads to pain and loneliness.
6. Have you ever heard, “you always hurt the ones you love!” That’s because you feel you can take out your personal frustrations on them and since they love you they can take it! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! You need to let your partner know that you had a bad day, situation or whatever caused your frustration, be honest and say to them, “I need to vent” so apologize for what you may be about to say, or at least thank them at the end for letting you vent (partner does not say anything during the venting stage) and then vent! That way your loved one knows that is may not be personal you just need to get something off your chest!

These are some of my topics. They can remind, even us old, married farts, that we need to remember what’s important!

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Why my book is titled wrong….ooops!

  1. Talking never hurt anyone, unless the words you use are dipped in vitriol, but talking through problems is so much better than letting them fester inside where the only person they hurt is you, but if talking in a room flooded with light is too difficult, switch the light off and use the darkness as you might a cloak of invisibility. So much depends upon the participants, and who is perceived as being in the wrong, but in any partnership, both individuals are equal, so respect is a definite ingredient.

    • Words to truly think about Maureen. You should never listen to anyone who says you can’t do something, that is their fear speaking! Have the courage to listen to your own dreams!!! Thanks for checking in and leaving a comment. I titled this blog because so many people have told me they were already married and wished they had my book when they got married. I am trying to impress on people that my book is great advice for married or anybody in any type of relationship.

  2. Great piece…Talking is siempre better y especially when the words are constructive y meant for understanding, healing y positivity….gracias for sharing y for visiting my Blog ( Peer Inside My Soul and See Me ) mucho apreciadas….

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