Do you want a better relationship????

Would you like a better relationship?  Do you feel your partner listens and/or understands you? Are you appreciated? Does your partner pay attention to you? Is there equality in the relationship? “What to do before you say I Do” has answers and solutions to everyday issues and more!!!  Answers are here……

I ask you questions in every chapter so you can discuss them with your partner.

1. Have you agreed to how finances are handled?

2. Do you have fights or arguments:

3. Do you know how to argue fairly?

4. Do you ask your partner for help the second they walk in the door?

5. Can you disagree without it turning into a fight?

6. Are you completely honest with your partner?

7. Do you feel heard when you express your opinion?

8. What happens if you or your partner don’t compromise?

9. Do you have “red flags” in your relationship?

10. Do you feel your partner plays emotional games?

These are questions that I have solutions for plus much, much more.

The book is loaded with ideas to help eliminated conflict in your relationships in clear, simple ideas that can make a huge difference in your relationship!!!!!

If you do these simple, easy ideas you will be amazed at how much better your relationship can be. The hard part is doing these simple ideas everyday, especially when you don’t want to!

Thanks and best wishes for a better relationship  🙂  answers are here