Be the change you want to see in the world!

I was asked during an interview for a Mission statement. I used one of my favorite quotes. “Be the change you want to see in the world”, start by example!  I see strangers that need help and I help them.

There was a man outside the carpet store where I often do business. It was a hot summer day, the man was lying on the grass and didn’t look well. I noticed him because one of the sales people was talking to him. I walked over and saw the man looked exhausted from heat stroke, it was in the 90’s that day. I asked the man if he was ok. He said he just got out of town court, (about 2 miles back) and he walked passed his street. Without hesitating I asked where he lived. I knew the apartments and offered him a ride back home.
The salesmen that I knew suggested I don’t do that because I didn’t know him and he just got out of court and I didn’t know what his court story was.  I told him it was ok, this man needs help. I helped him to my car, we chatted for the 5 minutes it took to drive him to his apartment. He was very grateful, polite and kind. I said, “I hope you feel better, drink water and have a great day”. He asked me how he could repay me for the help and reached in his pocket as if he were looking for money.

I just told him to “Please pay this kindness forward. When someone needs help, help them.”  He said he would. It was a win-win for both of us. Here is the ah-ha. He just got out of court and was black.

 Lesson here…..when someone needs help you think about the human, not the color of their skin!


2 thoughts on “Be the change you want to see in the world!

  1. I am amazed when I find acts of kindness of this magnitude, in a world that seems unaffected by the less fortunate, wounded & downtrodden. And to prove it by actions not words….imagine if this flame were to spread. The very thought. Pay it forward would be a great motto to live by Susan. You’ve inspired us my dear! It is a pleasure to drop by and read this as you’ve made our night! Sharing this now, with the hopes of inspiring others as you’ve done with us!

    • that is my hope 🙂 When you see someone who needs a hand with anything, stop and help, then I always ask them to pay it forward instead of giving me money or whatever their gratitude gesture is. I also give the guy who pumps my gas a 5 dollar tip to help buy his baby diapers. I am not rich, I can pay my bills and that’s about all. No vacations or going out, I would rather give money to those who are kind, friendly and need a little extra help. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone would help others instead of being selfish. Thank you ladies, your words inspire me and give me hope 🙂 🙂

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